Batman vs Superman

Here is the age old question... and another one of life’s most important. Who would win in a fight... A Mortal Kombat style fight... between Batman and Superman?


Remember Bobby's World?

Now in regards to my first post, Random but Relevant... For some reason, starting my own blog reminded me of this cartoon show I grew up watching... hence the question on the post (see I told you my random thoughts had some relevance to something)... anyway, the cartoon show was called Bobby's World...

All About Steve

So this weekend I went with some friends to watch the new Sandra Bullock movie, All About Steve. Now I personally love Sandra Bullock... in fact, she’s one of my top 3 favorite actresses... so I might be a little biased when I say...


Ferris Bueller's Day Off

I just finished watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and I must say I loved it! I thought it was funny, even hilarious at times. Now I must admit that I just happened to pick it up the other day only for the reason that I thought it might be like Weekend at Bernies... another hilarious movie, and one of my personal favorites... but the two really aren't all that similar...


Random but Relevant

Welcome to my blog, 'Small Grasp on Reality.' Now in this blog I will be writing about pretty much anything. It'll consist of reviews from movies... new and old... that I've seen, places I've gone, TV shows I'm watching and ones I'm not, and just any random thought that comes to my mind that I feel I should share... you would hope out of some relevant importance, but most likely not. 

Few of you that care...
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